Tuesday, December 20, 2016

We did it!

Semasa bercinta zaman university, all that we think about is graduating & get married. haha. I managed to graduate on time, but my hubby here kena extend 2 years. that's why iolls lambat sikit kawen :D Nevertheless, we did it! Alhamdulillah. All praise to Allah & both of our parents that makes this day finally happen.

&& thank you to you too for all the support during my study days sayang <3 Graduation is not the end, it is the Beginning! To many more successful beginning together :) InsyaAllah

Friday, December 9, 2016

Career change

Hello December 2016. Yes, i'm blogging again. On the last month of 2016. A kick start for my 2017. So many things to expect on 2017, nervous as well, since someone going to join our little family soon :) *patiently waiting* *blogging with these little kicks in my stomach* 

Decided to kept all my previous blog post as draft. Read it, enjoy it, loving it, so glad that i post about everything back then. All those memories, i don't even remember if i didn't blog about it. So yea, thank you to the "younger me". In my last post i was still a student, a radiographer student. expecting to graduate soon, expecting to be a radiographer soon. well, that was like, 2 years ago? Now? I'm not even close to any medical field.

Now i'm 26, married, to the love of my life. yes, the latest boyfriend i blog about last time. hehe. A housewife & soon to be a mother to my own child. I still can't believe i'm going to be a mom!! & what did i do for a living? I bake! Last thing i remember i would work smelling patients & medicine all day, now i smell delicious bake all day! haha. Completely opposite. Totally. No germs on my hands, just some chocolate :D

Nyummy cookie pods!

Picture taken during my first ever baking class that i attend. With my own money. Yeah i need to spend on learning some new skills. Skills palpate patient, skills handle machine suma tak berguna lagi in this new field. Good bye medical imaging. For good. This time tak kawen lagi, so "boyfriend" tolong hantar pegi baking class. Thank you sayang for supporting me from day one <3 

First bake that i learn is this delicious cookie cups. & honestly i've once earn up to RM*k per month, only by selling these babies. Sleepless night though. But worth it. At that time, I know that, whatever you choose to do, do it full heartedly, have faith in the Almighty, All praise to Allah, the one who gave us all the rezeki. Alhamdulillah for all the blessings that HE gave. Allahuakbar. 

Till then, xoxo